War Poet.ca - A CFAP Project by Suzanne Steele

Extra Material

This section contains additional material that you may find interesting. Click around, have a look.

The Artwork of Scott Waters

A small sampling of work from former Canadian Forces Artist Project participant Scott Waters.

Duty and Valour, a Canadian Military Encyclopedia

WWI and WWII Red Cross Knitting Patterns

May Day Poetry Project

MayDay is a series of letters in prose, poem, txt, email, of a young woman to her infantryman lover serving in Afghanistan.

WarPoet Book List

A list of books and publications that I’ve read while thinking about all of this (in no particular order).

Canadian Military Terminology

An ongoing, regularly-updated list of terms and slang used by the Canadian Military.


Suzanne Steele

WarPoet.ca is one of smsteele's Canadian Forces Artist Program projects. Through text, audio, images, video and contributions by Canada's military personnel, warpoet.ca examines and records the contemporary Canadian war experience. More →